Neuropsychology Assessment

Neuropsychological assessment involves a systematic evaluation of cognitive abilities, such as intelligence, academic skill, memory, language, attention, problem solving abilities and visual-motor skills as well as sensorimotor function and personality. The results of neuropsychological assessment can assist physicians, family members or caregivers in making decisions about the person’s treatment options, rehabilitation potential, capacity, school placements or interventions and other issues.

How the Neuropsychology assessment is necessary?

Neuropsychologists investigate the brain structures and networks involved in learning and related cognitive functions. They study how differences or impairments in brain areas responsible for language processing, reading, math, memory, attention, and executive functions contribute to the symptoms of learning disorders.

A comprehensive report summarizing our findings, including recommendations for potential treatments and the likely consequences of the patient’s difficulties in daily functioning, is prepared for the referring physician or other clinician. A feedback session with the patient and family can also be provided.

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